Our specials are matched only by our range

Our unique specials range

  • BlueTab

    You Choose

    Quote this Deal, tell us what you need and we will come back to you with a package that you will love.

    Keen in price and hassle free.

  • GoldTab

    Free Underlay Upgrade

    Call us and quote this deal to get a free Gold rubber underlay upgrade on: Avignon, Canadian Bay,
    California Gully, Savino.

  • RedTab

    Manager's Special

    Call us to see which carpet makes the Manager's Special list. Each month we will heavily reduced the price of a select list of products.

  • Custom Carpets is a carpet service company dedicated to you.

    This means we are all about customer satisfaction. We know that a satisfied customer is what makes our company strong. Call or visit us for an obligation-free consultation.


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